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A Much Needed kick Up The Arse

I have always been a big believer in change, whether that change is an evolution of an already successful formula, or a complete diversion from what has become the norm. When we exercise we have to change our regime every few weeks to keep developing, in nature as climates and environments change the wildlife in the area begin to change their behaviour and even their biology over time. This poses an interesting question when it comes to development as an actor which is, WHY THE BLOODY HELL HAVE I BEEN SAT STILL SO LONG?

The decision to change has to happen organically, force it and it will create more problems than it solves , however make that change at the right time and it can yield some awesome results. I recently changed my representation, don’t get me wrong I liked my previous agents however sometimes we have to change the people who are influencing our career. For me a large part of this was having someone with a similar drive and a similar mind towards success, and as it turns out it has done a lot more than simply providing me with a simpatico working relationship.

Sometimes it takes an external force to show us what we can do to develop, and as it turns out that’s exactly what I needed, otherwise known as a good swift kick up the arse. Having someone else, interested in my career with an external eye on it has given me the impetus I need to be able to develop. As artists it is crucial that we have a critical eye our work and our careers that we know will push us to the best possible result. It is no use settling for second best and it is no use surrounding yourself with people who are not going to push you to succeed.

So the key thing I have learnt from this experience, change is important, and a large part of that change should be removing elements that either have a negative effect or even no effect on your work/career (sometimes no effect can be worse as it is more subtle in its effects on your career). You should seek out elements and people who share your views and share your drive and can push you to achieve what it is you have always wanted.

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